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Parking Permits

Here you can find information and application forms for parking permits for residentsbusinesses and healthcare professionals, in addition to suspensions and waivers

The chargeable parking hours are 8am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Residents Permits - Apply Online

Every resident within the CPZ is eligible to apply for Residents Parking Permits for their vehicles, except residents of new developments of flats/apartments and houses constructed/adapted after 1st April 2008 or residents of a single dwelling, flat/apartment or house of multiple occupancy that has been formed as part of a conversion of a building or part of a building after 12th August 2013. Permits are valid for 12 months from the beginning of the month the application is made.

For the Council to issue a Residents Parking Permit, the resident must provide proof of residency and demonstrate that they are the owner of the vehicle (although there are a few exceptions, for example with company cars). Each permit states a zone where parking is allowed, however, there can be no guarantee that residents will be able to park directly outside their property or in their street.

Residents Parking Permits are valid for one year. Up to three permits per household can be purchased.  The cost for the first vehicle is £25, the second £73 and the third vehicle is £94. A charge of £5 is made for changes to permits.
Please read the guidelines before applying online -  Apply online

To download an application form please click on the relevant link at the top of the page.

Reminder letters for renewals will no longer be sent out.


Visitor Parking Permits

Additional visitors parking permits may be purchased by residents at £15 per book.

These are limited to 2 books per household.

As the chargeable hours have changed, when using a visitor parking permit (VPP) please ensure that a validated voucher is displayed from 8am onwards when parking within the controlled parking zone (CPZ). 

Business Parking Permits

Business vehicles can park in any pay-and-display bays in the CPZ.  Businesses based within the CPZ may apply for permits if they can demonstrate a need. These permits cost £180 per year for the first permit and £250 for the second. Each permit would have the name of the company displayed, but could be used by any vehicle registered by the business.
Permit holders will no longer receive a renewal notice reminder.

To download an application form please click on the relevant link at the top of the page.

For further details, or if you have misplaced your permit please visit Bedford Borough Council, Customer Services Centre, Horne Lane, Bedford, MK40 1RA or telephone the office on 01234 718057.


Healthcare and Voluntary Organisations

Healthcare Parking Permits are available to doctors, nurses, midwives and other key healthcare workers to enable parking within the CPZ while attending to patients. These permits are not valid on yellow lines.

Charges for the permits are £20 for Healthcare / £5 for Voluntary and they are valid for two years. Should the permit need to be altered within this period there will be a charge of £5.

For further details, or if you have misplaced or not received your renewal notice please visit Bedford Borough Council, Customer Services Centre, Horne Lane, Bedford, MK40 1RA or telephone the office on 01234 718057.

Alternatively download the relevant form below;

Discretionary (Voluntary Organisations) Permit


We sometimes need to suspend or partly suspend bays and spaces for specific purposes such as: building work, roadwork and loading or unloading. We may suspend bays at any time and it is an contravention to park in a suspended bay.  Warning notices will be displayed at the bay advising of any suspensions due.

Please note that we do not carry out suspensions outside of the Controlled Parking Zone.

Charges for Suspensions

If you need us to suspend a bay, please download the suspension of a parking space application  at the top of the page or contact us on telephone 01234 718057 or fax 01234 718087.



A ‘waiver’ is a form that allows a vehicle to wait on a yellow line while it is being used in an agreed way. It does not give you permission to park, but is intended to help with temporary work and short-term needs. Please note that we do not issue waivers for stopping within marked parking places outside the Controlled Parking Zone.

If you  require a waiver, please visit the Bedford Borough Council Customer Services Centre, Horne Lane, Bedford MK40 1RA or telephone 01234 718057. 

Charges for Waivers

A Waiver is charged at £5 per day for up to 4 hours per vehicle and £10 per day for a period of over 4 hours per vehicle.  Waivers can be issued for up to a week and can be extended for further periods if necessary.
To download an application form please click on the relevant link at the top of the page.

In most cases we will deal with your applications there and then. However, we may need to refer you to our Highways Service first. In some circumstances you do not need a Waiver. You are permitted to load and unload your vehicle on a yellow line, without a break, as long as loading restrictions are not in force for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Vehicles marked as removals vehicles may carry out removals for as long as necessary, as long as no loading restrictions are in force.

Waivers are issued for:

  • continuously loading and unloading bulky goods from your vehicle (when this will take longer than 15 minutes);
  • continuously using your vehicle as a workshop (such as for fitting kitchens and using carpentry machinery from a vehicle); and
  • continuously using a tar boiler, welding cylinder, compressor or generator from your vehicle.

Waivers are not issued for:

  • vehicles being used for storing tools;
  • allowing you to park your vehicle while you are working elsewhere;
  • trailers; or
  • unloading goods which are not bulky.

Applications for waivers on the Town Centre Pedestrianised Area (where there is a prohibition of traffic) must be supported by:

  • a Certificate of Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £5 million; and
  • a Risk Assessment of the task that is to be undertaken.


Parking is free and without time limit for holders of Blue Badges when using a marked parking bay.

Please remember, the ‘charges’ for parking unlawfully are £70 or £50 depending on the nature of the contravention.  If the PCN remains unpaid after all appeals have been exhausted, additional charges will be incurred.

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