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Contract Monitoring and Review

Contract Monitoring

The Contract Monitoring of services is an annual assessment of contract compliance requirements.  It is a desk top exercise where Providers complete documents (Audit Letter & Equality Data) to confirm they are working in agreement to the contractual requirements.


Contract Review

Contracts will be reviewed within 3 years or once in the lifetime of the Contract of being in operation. This is a detailed assessment using a variety of assessment tools such as the Supporting People tool, Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) (a revised version), Value for Money and stakeholders feedback plus the annual monitoring information.  Followed by Validation Visit where client or service users and staff are interviewed.  Any concerns are dealt with through an Action Plan, monitoring and further visits where applicable. 

The purpose of the monitoring and review programme is to ensure that Supported Housing is providing the best possible quality of support to vulnerable and homeless adults through the schemes funded.  This means looking at the Providers legal identity, staff training and knowledge; quality of services provided, diversity, management systems and the experiences of those using the services. These are checked against the contractual requirements and inform the decision making process on whether the Provider’s funding will continue in the next contractual renewal process.

For further information please contact the Supported Housing team.


Contract Monitoring and Review process:

In this section you will find a down-loadable and printable copy of the Contract Monitoring and Review Handbook. 

The handbook explains the contract monitoring and contract review processes and associated forms.  The QAF Guide gives instructions on how to complete the QAF questionnaire.

Below is a list of all the documents and forms needed for both processes with hyperlinks for down-loading.  Additional information can also be found on the SITRA web site:   http://www.sitra.org/home/

Returns can be submitted electronically or hard copy. 

Please note all evidence must be anonymous unless it can be sent securely.  

  • If evidence is to be presented in hard copy, please remove all references to a client’s identity before sending.  
  • If evidence is to be presented electronically and cannot be anonymized for technical reasons, please ensure that it is sent via a secure email.

Copies of the actual documentation can be attached where appropriate but  must be clearly marked against each QAF requirement; e.g. support plan evidence must be a copy of a client’s support plan with name deleted; please do not send a blank form.  Preferably, make clear a reference to the relevant section of a support plan on Capita.

You do not have to send copies of policies and procedures unless they have been revised since your last contract review.  You can send the revised sections only with the cover sheet that states when the document was revised.  

A minimum standard of C is expected to be maintained across all areas of the QAF with demonstration of continuous improvement in at least two other areas year on year.  


Contract Monitoring and Review Handbook and Forms

Contract Monitoring & Review Handbook


Contract Monitoring (annually) appendices:

Audit Letter                                                                                                               - append 1

Equality data                                                                                                             - append 3


Contracts Review (3 yearly) appendices:

Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) Guide

Default notice                                                                                                           - append 2

Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) Questionnaire V7                             - append 5a

Stakeholder Contact List                                                                                         - append 4


General documents & areas of assessment during monitoring and reviews:

Appeals process                                                 - append  7

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