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Information for Voluntary Organisations, Sports and Faith Groups

New guidance from the NSPCC - 5th June 2017

The NSPCC has published updated editions of two safeguarding publications: Standards and guidance for the voluntary and community sector in England is designed to help non-statutory organisations put in place clear safeguarding arrangements for children, young people and young adults up to the age of 25; and Are they safe?: a safeguarding guide for group leaders in the voluntary and community sector, which provides a range of activities, support or services, from arts activities and hobbies to faith-based education or community work.

Further information: Safeguarding standards and guidance for the voluntary and community sector: working with children, young people and young adults aged 0-25 

Are they safe? A safeguarding guide for group leaders in the voluntary and community sector: working with children and young people aged 0-18


Policies and Procedures

For our Policies & Procedures on-line please click on this link 

Please also look at the local guidance page for most recent documents that are not on the on-line system yet.

Make sure your Child Protection Policy is up to date - Is your policy in line with current legislation? It's important to have clear, up-to-date guidelines to make sure your organisation deals with child protection concerns effectively. Use these templates to either develop or update your existing procedures.

Safe Network

Safe Networks

From April 2016 Safe Network will close, and the NSPCC will be the new home for safeguarding support for the voluntary, community and faith sectors.


Children Do Matter .....

Report based on feedback from consultation undertaken by Council for Mosques (Bradford) with Masajid and Madaaris representatives, Imams, Faith teachers, parents and other stakeholders. For the full report . 

NEW online Multi-faith safeguarding hub now available

Explore our new online Multi-faith safeguarding hub. Includes new video statements, stories and texts, case scenarios and examples of good practice. Click here to go to the multi-faith safeguarding hub.


Safeguarding for trustees

Are you a trustee, director, board member, governor or committee member of a charity, trust or association that works with children? If so, then this resource is perfect for you and your colleagues.




The NSPCC has published guidance for parents on how to spot the signs of child sexual abuse. It sets out the signs that might indicate a child is being sexually abused, and where to go for information, support and advice. The guidance.


Published safeguarding advice and information for organisations that work with or come into contact with children. Advice and information here


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Shelter has published a report examining the impact of the private rental market on children's wellbeing. In England, 1 in 5 families rent privately with tenancy contracts lasting no longer than 6 or 12 months. The survey of 4000 private renters reveals that 44% of parents believe their children would have a better childhood if they had more stable accommodation; 13% believe their children are distressed by frequent moves with 1 in 8 families reporting that they have to 'sofa surf' with friends and family when they are between rental contracts. The report can be found here.



 Safe Network

A Safe Network document for trusteees.

Voluntary Organisations for Children, Young People and families website

Voluntary works

Voluntary Organisations for children, young people and families website


Updates to National documents

Working Together to Safeguard Children updated July 2018 - click here for updated version

Information Sharing - Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers updated July 2018 - updated version here