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Information for Developers

Waste Management Information for Developers

This page sets out information about your responsibilities relating to waste management when planning new developments.  It also sets out the specifications relating to bin storage & location that Bedford Borough Council expects to see included in planning applications.


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All new residential developments must be provided with suitable and appropriate storage areas and capacity for domestic, refuse and recyclable waste which is convenient for both residents and collection crews.

It is highly recommended that developers consult with the Council on the provision of, and access to, waste storage facilities at the initial planning stage to avoid future problems. The information below is to assist developers to estimate what waste and recycling storage requirements are suitable for the needs of the development.  


The Waste and Operational Policies Document states all of the Council's current policies regarding Waste Management. To view the document please click here. (551kb pdf)


Our responsibility

Bedford Borough Council is constantly trying to improve the quality of life for residents and is actively pursuing measures to minimise the volume of waste placed out for collection and maximise recycling. There should be an opportunity for consultation between developers and the Council on the design of any new development with regard to waste and recycling facilities and access. Through consultation, we can ensure that any facilities are compatible with the collection systems operated by the Council and its contractors both now and in the future.


Your responsibility as a developer

Your responsibility is to ensure that all premises have adequate storage space to contain waste and recyclable material, that consideration is made as to collection points and easy access for collection vehicles can be maintained. Storage space is dependent on the size of the development and property type:



In general, individual dwellings should be provided with allocated space to store three standard sized wheelie bins as follows:

  • 180 litres of refuse bin capacity
  • 240 litres of recycling bin capacity
  • 240 litres of garden waste bin capacity


Enough space should be provided to enable the storage of bins away from the public realm and street scene, and for bins to then be placed at a designated collection point on collection days. To order standard household bins for a single new dwelling please complete our online bin order form.



Photo of bin store

Where it is not practical to provide separate bins for each household, provision should be made communally for shared bins for both waste and recycling. The total minimum volume of bin storage for each dwelling proposed should be calculated at the rate of:

  • 180 litres of storage for refuse
  • 240 litres of storage of recyclables
  • 240 litre of storage of garden waste (where applicable)


A bin storage area should provide enough space for the required number of bins plus space for them to be easily accessed by residents and manoeuvred by collection crews.


How to order bins for new flats

For developments where there is no space for individual bins or where bins are to be kept in a communal bin store area, communal non-standard bins need to be purchased by the developer from the Council a minimum of two weeks prior to properties becoming inhabited. To order bins for your property/development, please contact the Waste Services Team at: recycling@bedford.gov.uk or call 01234 718060. As part of the process of ordering bins, the team will also ensure that your property/development is added to our collection schedules and provide you with posters for communal bin areas as well as information packs to distribute to your tenants.


For advice and/or to notify us of new premises which need to begin receiving waste and recycling collections please contact the Waste Services Team at recycling@bedford.gov.uk or call 01234 718060.  



Common issues with communal bin stores: Bin store

  • Access for collection crews; narrow roads, vehicles unable to turn in the road and inadequate provision for parking cars;
  • Bin stores do not have enough space to accommodate the required bin capacity for the number of residents;
  • Poor lighting and accessibility encourages residents to misuse the bin store.

All these issues can be easily avoided by considering the provision of waste management facilities at the early stages of design and consulting the Council for advice.


Bedford Borough Council’s collection crews will not enter a private driveway either in the vehicle or on foot to collect waste. Where collection points are provided they must be located at the edge of the highway and a dropped kerb must be provided. 



For more information and advice on best practice when designing refuse and recycling facilities for new residential developments please refer to our Supplementary Planning Document or contact Bedford Borough Council’s Waste Services Team- recycling@bedford.gov.uk. Please also visit the Council's Planning pages for further information and guidance on planning issues.

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