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Pollution Prevention and Control Act

Regulation of Permitted Processes

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 introduced a regime of controlling industries which emit significant levels of pollution to all environmental media (air, land and water). This has now been superceded by a new regime under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999.

Under this new regime, Local Authorities are required to regulate the smaller industries termed Part A2 and Part B installations. Where as the Environment Agency regulates the larger industries, which are known as Part A1 installations.

Emissions to all environmental media must be controlled from Part A1 and A2 installations and such installations are also required to account for energy efficiency and to control against Noise Pollution. Part B installations on the other hand are regulated for emissions to air only.

The system of control is called Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) for A1 installations where the Environment Agency is the regulator and Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC) for A2 installations where Local Authorities are the regulators.

As part of this regime, Bedford Borough Council issues permits to all of the Part A2 and Part B installations within the Borough. The conditions integral within the permits require Operators to meet emission limits and to install appropriate technology so as to ensure compliance with the National Air Quality Standards for example. These Installations are regularly inspected by Officers from the Council to ensure that they are complying with these conditions.

Environmental Health is responsible for permitting approximately 54 installations within the Borough. These range from petrol stations, vehicle body shops and cement plants to small foundries, asphalt plants and even the crematoria.

Much of the information regarding the existing installations is kept on a public register held at the offices in the Borough Hall. For example, copies of all applications for permits and details of any monitoring that has been carried out and any legal action that has been taken against site Operators is all contained in the register.


Further information on A1 Processes regulated by the Environment Agency can also be found on their website at the following link: Environment Agency's website including their Public Register.  If you wish to view the Environment Agency Public Register then please follow the link and you will be redirected to the EA website. 


Bedford Borough Council also hold a hard copy of the Public Register for the Environment Agency Part A1 Processes. To make an appointment to view the hard copy EA Part A1 Processes Public Register please call 01234 718099.


Public Consultation

Bedford Borough Council has recieved a permit application for a Cement Batchers in the Elstow Area. To find out more and how to provide comments on the application please click here.


To view the Bedford Borough Councils Part B Public Register please click here.


Alternatively if you wish to view a hard copy please call 01234 718099 and make an appointment.

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