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Statutory Nuisance

Bedford Borough Council has a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to take reasonable and practicable steps to investigate complaints received about statutory nuisance made by someone resident in the Borough.


A statutory nuisance is more than just an annoyance or irritation.  Whilst there is no strict definition of statutory nuisance, it is generally defined as a disturbance that materially interferes with a persons right to enjoy their home. 


A Statutory Nuisance can be caused by:

  • Noise
  • Odour
  • Smoke
  • Artificial Light
  • Insects
  • premises in such a state to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance
  • fumes or gases emitted from a premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance
  • dust, steam, smell or effluvia so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance
  • animals kept in such a place or manner so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance


The work of Environmental Health & Trading Standards is undertaken with 'Better Regulation' principles in mind and is reflected in our enforcement policy which is in line with the Regulatory Enforcement Compliance Code.  There is a statutory obligation placed on all regulators to apply the following principles:


  • Accountability – activities should be open to public scrutiny, with clear and accessible policies, and fair and efficient complaints procedures in place.
  • Targeted – resources should be focussed on high-risk enterprises, reflecting local need and national priorities.
  • Proportionality – enforcement action should reflect the level of risk to the public and the penalty should relate to the seriousness of the offence.
  • Consistency – advice to business should be reliable and robust and applicable in different parts of the country. Services should operate in similar circumstances.
  • Transparency – businesses should be able to understand what is expected from them by local regulators and what they can anticipate in return


For more information about the Enforcement Policy followed by Environmental Health & Trading Standards, please click the link below.

Enforcement Policy

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