Bedford Borough Council

Food Sampling

The Commercial Regulation Team often undertakes food sampling for various different reasons, including:


  • To investigate a complaint
  • To monitor food safety and hygiene at a premises
  • As part of a national sampling programme


Normally the person in charge of the food business will be told that a food sample is being taken and will be invited to watch the sampling process. However, on occasion the officer may remain incognito whilst taking the sample if this is considered necessary for the investigation.


Once the sample has been analysed by the laboratory, the food business operator will be informed of the results. If the results are unsatisfactory, the officer will visit the premises to investigate the cause of the poor result, and may take further samples.


Sampling Programme

Each year a sampling programme is drawn up detailing the sampling the Department proposes to carry out.  The Food Safety Sampling Programme 2013-14 will be available to view shortly.


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