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Special Educational Needs and Disability

We can offer guidance on the Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment process and provide information about the services that can support you. Decisions about whether a child/young person matches the guidance for assessment are made by the Bedford Borough SEND Panel. (Who will make the decision?)


If an assessment is agreed, we gather specific information from educational settings, professionals involved with the child/young person, health and social care as well as information and views from the parents, carers or young person. All this is done within the statutory time frame as laid out in the SEN Code of Practice


If an assessment is not agreed we will contact the parents/young person to explain the reasons why and invite them to attend a meeting to discuss the decision and a way forward.  They can also contact SEND Advice or Core Assets for support or the conciliation service (KIDS)


Statutory timescales for EHC Needs Assessment and EHC plan development

To view the statutory timescales for EHC Needs Assessment please follow the link below


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We keep parents, carers and young people informed regularly during the assessment process. When the assessment has been completed we consider the information and decide if an EHCP is to be written or whether the pupils needs can be met through the setting's own resources.


After an EHCP has been finalised we will monitor the pupil’s progress towards meeting the objectives outlined in the plan through regular review, which will be held every 12 months.


The Annual Review  will be arranged by the setting, who will send out updated reports 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Following the review meeting the setting will prepare a report (EHCPAR) which they will send to us together with any reports provided by the professionals involved with the child/young person.  We will then send a letter to the parents/carers/young person and professionals involved with the child/young person to outline our recommendations about what amendments are required and whether the EHCP should continue. 

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If the child/young person is due to transfer to their next educational setting the following September, please contact the SEND Team on 01234 228375 early in the Autumn term to inform us of the setting to be consulted. The SEND team will consult settings on your behalf, so you do not have to follow the normal Admissions process.


What is Written Feedback?

If an assessment does not result in an EHCP, Written Feedback would be produced.

See SEND Advice leaflet.


Where a parent/carer/young person does not agree with the assessment or a decision made by the Local Authority, we will work with the parent or carer to find a solution. We encourage parents to seek support from SEND Advice and we also have access to KIDS, an independent mediation service.

What to do if you disagree with a SEND Panel decision leaflet


Parents or carers can contact us at any time.


Preparing for Adulthood

Council for Disabled Children fact sheet regarding Preparing for Adulthood



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Education and Learning

Raising the level of academic achievement is a top priority for the council. We will ensure the effective delivery of our services so we can improve the life chances for children and young people. Check out this section to find out about Learning centres, schools, special education needs and more.


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