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Please follow the school link for the admissions policy.  Please note that for the majority of schools the standard policy will apply


Lower Schools

Admission Number

  Year R  
Balliol 52  
Bedford Road 60  
Brickhill 60  
Broadmead  29  
Bromham 60  
Camestone 60  
Carlton 15  
Cauldwell 60  
Cople 14  
Cotton End  15  
Elstow 60  
Great Barford  30  
Kempston Rural 20  
Lakeview 60  
Milton Ernest 12  
Queen's Park 75  
Renhold  29  
Scott  30  
Shackleton 60  
Shortstown  30  
Springfield 72  
Stephenson 75  
Ursula Taylor 45  
Willington  15  
Wilstead  30  
Wootton 60  

Middle Schools

Year 5

Abbey 100  
Beauchamp 150  
Harrowden 120  
Marston Vale 150  
Westfield 100  
Woodside 86  

Upper Schools

Year 9

Year 12*

Biddenham 240 15
*This figure represents the minimum number of external candidates    

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