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Foxgloves - A Guide for Families



What we offer

Foxgloves provide short stays for children with learning disabilities. Children can come to Foxgloves for a variety of reasons. For your child to make new friends, have fun and be given the opportunity to participate in new activities and gain more independence. It is also time for families and carers to have a break.

Staff caters for a wide range of care, medical and dietary needs and is all fully trained in these areas. Everyone works together as a team to offer children individual choice and opportunities. The staffing levels vary depending on the children’s needs.


Referral to Foxgloves

All referrals to us are made via a social worker who will work with the family to carry out an assessment of need. The process to agree a package of care is via the Bedford Allocation Panel (BAP)

Initially families are invited to look around prior to making a decision about whether to use the service. If you decide to continue, we will begin with short visits – usually over a mealtime, so we can begin to get to know your child and they can get to know us.

A slow introduction is then planned, with your agreement, until a formal placement meeting takes place with your social worker for regular visits to be organized.



Your child will be allocated their respite stays approximately four months in advance and written notification will be sent out to you. If you need to change your dates for any reason (i.e. sickness or family holiday) then we will try to accommodate your wishes, however we cannot always guarantee this.

Transport arrangements will be discussed with your social worker at the placement planning meetings.


Admission and Discharge Times

These usually coincide with the school day but at weekends or during the holidays children are admitted at 3pm. If your child has had only one overnight stay they will need to be collected by 2pm, but if your child has had two nights or more they will need to be collected by 10am. If you have a particular need and these times are difficult then please contact us as we may be able to come to a mutually convenient arrangement .


What you need to bring in

If your child is on any medication then you will need to send this into Foxgloves with your son/daughter. We will store this safely for you, and administer it when needed. All our staff have received training regarding the administration of medication. Medication needs to have a clear (prescription) label detailing the child’s name, the name of the medication and when and how the medication should be given. Before every visit you will need to complete a Bedford Borough Council ‘Parental Medication Form’ for both prescription and non-prescription medications.


Clothing and Toiletries

Please ensure that you send in enough clothes and toiletries for your child’s stay. Please put toiletries in a bag with your child's name on and If your child needs pads then please send in enough for their stay. It helps to label your child’s clothes; this should prevent anything getting lost. At Foxgloves we will wash and dry your child’s clothes daily but if you’d prefer that we didn’t wash them then please let us know. 


Pocket Money

Many parents choose to send pocket money for their child to enable them to purchase any treats and items that they may wish to buy. Pocket money is booked in and kept in a safe place. Unspent pocket money is booked out and will be sent home.


Key worker

Every child and their family is allocated a key worker. The key worker will work with you and your child to ensure that the introduction and stays at Sunflower House run smoothly. The key worker will be the main person that you will liaise with when your child is first referred. They may come to visit you at home, and see your child at school. This will help them get a good overview of your child prior to them attending foxgloves. They will liaise with the family, school, social workers and any other relevant professionals. The key worker is responsible for writing your child’s care plan. Every child at foxgloves has a detailed care plan that tells all staff how best to look after your child, any likes / dislikes, dietary needs leisure needs or personal care needs etc.



To enable us to be consistent when managing your child’s care, some children have a Home – foxgloves book. You should use this book to communicate any relevant information to us, and we will communicate information to you so you know how your child has been.


Facilities within your room and building

At Foxgloves your child can choose their own bedroom. You can bring in some personal things to make the room feel more comfortable for your child. Each room has a wardrobe, single bed, desk and chest of drawers. Your child can go into their bedroom at any time; it is their own private space. If your child would like to socialise with other young people they may do this in the lounge or communal areas.



Children’s requests are included in decisions about where to go and what to do. We have our own mini bus. Staff that drive the mini bus have had specific training regarding their driving ability.

Some of the leisure activities children and young people like to do are going to the cinema, bowling, shopping, eating out or picnics. The building is set within large mature gardens and has swings, a climbing frame with a slide, race track, adventure climbing trail and our new addition to the garden is a large trampoline; parent/ carers consent is needed to access this.



All staff have completed a food hygiene course. We have a cook but sometimes the staff will provide the meals. Anybody that has special dietary needs can be catered for.



During school days staff will always try and arrange an agreed suitable bedtime and discussion with the child’s parent / carer and the child. At weekends or school holidays children have more flexibility in choosing the time they go to bed.


Health and Safety

All staff are aware of the fire procedure at foxgloves and are updated regularly. Fire checks are carried out once a week. Fire drills are carried out at least four times a year.



Your child will have regular meetings to ensure that they are receiving the correct care package that meets your needs. Meetings are held every 3 to 6 months (plus an initial review 3 months after your child has started) Parents, carers, social workers, a member of staff from foxgloves, the child themselves if they wish to attend and possibly a reviewing officer will all attend the meeting. You will receive written notification about your child’s meeting.


Comments and Suggestions

We try to ensure that all children enjoy their visits at foxgloves and encourage them to tell us about any concerns they have. Alternatively, you may wish to raise any concerns on their behalf by speaking to the manager or your social worker. There is a formal complaint procedure, which can be followed. We would also like to hear if you or your child is especially pleased with any aspect of our service.

We are always looking to improve our service so we openly welcome any suggestions or comments that you are willing to make.


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