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The Bedford Borough Youth Cabinet is made up of young people from every school (middle, upper, college, special) and from community groups and settings (hostels, children’s homes, in care council etc) who come together to influence decisions and change things for young people in their area and across Bedford Borough.


Elections have taken place across Bedford Borough with young people aged 11 – 18 putting themselves forward as a youth cabinet member and having the final say by casting their vote #youthvoice in action!


As a cabinet member they will represent the voices, views and opinions of young people in their ward and run local events with a worker support to find out what young people in wards are thinking, concerned about and create change! They have the power to influence and create inform at a local and Borough level based on collecting and representing the views of children and young people in their school or setting.


The Youth Cabinet (YC15) meet every two months to have training, plan projects and campaigns and share the views from their areas. So far they have...


March 2015 - meeting one                          

YC15 members thought about their areas – good / bad / ugly! Created a youth cabinet leaflet and a poster promoting what they do, had training on the council / youth cabinet / UK Youth Parliament and met each other finding out what they like, dislike and what they have in common.


May 2015 - meeting two                              

YC15 members had training from the British Youth Council on representation and working with the media as well as meeting the Mayor and having a Q&A with him.


July 2015 – meeting three

Check back soon to find out more!


Stats so far for YC15  
Young people engaged in democracy presentations        10,083
Candidates for election                                                                 162
Votes cast by young people                                                        3730
Youth cabinet members for YC15-17                                       49


School / College Election Date Results
Access Bedford 28 Feb 2015  Alex and Oliver
Alban 02 Feb 2015 Callum and Rhianna-May
Beauchamp Middle 27 Feb 2015 Taisian, Ryan and Zuzanna
Bedford Academy 20 March 2015 Tanaya and Alom
Bedford College 2-4 March 2015 Natalie
Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy rolling reps 2 reps will attend each meeting
Bedford Free School 26 March 2015 Elise and Fabian
Bedford Girls School 06 March 2015 Holly, Isabelle and Natasha
Bedford Sixth Form 2-4 March 2015 Nathan
Biddenham 19 May 2015 Lizzie and Zain
CiCC rolling reps 2 reps will attend each meeting
Goldington Academy 07 April 2015 Sofia and James
Harrold Middle 04 March 2015 Yedda and Anastasia
Kimberley College 04 March 2015 Liam and April
Lincroft Middle 05 May 2015 EllaRose and Eliska
LINK Vice Versa rolling reps 2 reps will attend each meeting
Margaret Beaufort Middle 27 March 2015 Iseline and James
Mark Rutherford 05 March 2015 Ashley and Helena
Marston Vale Middle 13 Feb 2015 Kira and Kate
Newnham 04 Nov 2014 Isobel and Alyssa
Ridgeway 01 May 2015 Aisha
Sharnbrook Upper 20 March 2015 Helena and Areyo
St Gregorys 11 Mar 2015 Wandile and Jasmine
SuperKids rolling reps 2 reps will attend each meeting
Westfield Middle 10 Mar 2015 Muzammal and Shamaz
Wootton Upper 27 Feb 2015 Victoria and Roisin



We are pleased to announce that the Youth Cabinet have elected their Member and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for this year and the results are….


Member of Youth Parliament                                  NATASHA BANGHARD

Deputy Member of Youth Parliament                    RHIANNA-MAY DUFFY


You can find out more about the UK Youth Parliament at http://www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk/


Emma Sparrow

Engagement and Development Team Manager

01234 718388




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