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Proxy Voting


Please read the information below before completing and submitting your application form.


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What is proxy voting?

Proxy voting enables you to appoint a person to vote on your behalf.  The appointed person can vote on your behalf in two ways; by going to the polling station allocated to you (the elector) or voting by post (known as "postal proxy"). 

Who can apply for a proxy vote?

To apply for a proxy vote you have to be registered to vote. 


On what grounds can you apply for a proxy vote?

Proxy voting is not on demand and therefore a reason must be given as to why an elector needs to appoint a proxy. 


You can have a proxy vote if you are registered blind, if you receive certain benefits (e.g. the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance), or there are circumstances resulting in you being unable to go to the polling station at a particular election (e.g. you will be on holiday at the time of the election).


You can also have a proxy vote for the following reasons, which are usually long term and generally require attestation:

Physical disability or incapacity; the application must be supported by a registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or Christian Science practitioner providing that the person is giving you care or treatment.  If you are in a residential home or sheltered housing, then the head of the home or warden can support your application.

Employment, occupation or service; the application must be supported by your employer or, if you are self-employed, by someone who is 18 years or over who knows, and can confirm, your circumstances and is not related to you.


Who can I appoint as my proxy?

The person you appoint as your proxy must be registered as an elector and eligible to vote in the type of election concerned.  They must also have agreed to this appointment.


A proxy may not vote at the same election for more than two people unless they are a close relative (husband, wife, parent, grandparent, brother, sister or grandchild) of the people they are voting for.

What is the deadline for applying for a proxy vote?

In an election period, proxy vote applications must have been received by the sixth working day before the date of the election (or poll) if they are intended to be in place for that election.


How do I apply to appoint a proxy?

Please use the link at the top of this webpage to generate a Proxy Application Form.  Alternatively you can contact the Electoral Registration Team by telephone on 01234 276916 or by email to electoral.registration@bedford.gov.uk to obtain an application form.    


Remember, completed application forms need to be printed and signed and may need to be supported by another person if the proxy is needed for more than one election.  Your application form can then be:

  • scanned and e-mailed to electoral.registration@bedford.gov.uk 
  • posted to Electoral Registration, Democratic and Registration Services Group, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK 42 9AP or
  • delivered to Borough Hall (address above) or Bedford Borough Council Customer Service Centre, Horne Lane, Bedford MK40 1RA.


To view the full Privacy Statement for Proxy Voting, please click here

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