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Data Protection, Freedom of Information & Environmental Information Regulations


Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Legislation, we have a legal requirement to ensure that all personal information is kept secure, accurate, up to date, and is only used for the purposes it was collected. 

Personal data is information that identifies you.  It can be anything from your contact details, to details of when you contacted the council.  Bedford Borough Council regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal data it holds as essential to successful operations, and to maintaining confidence between those with whom it deals and itself.  The Council fully endorses and adheres to the principles of data protection, as detailed in the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 and ensures that it treats personal information lawfully and correctly.

Bedford Borough Council's Data Protection Policy, incorporating the Data Protection Breach Plan can be viewed here


Please view our Data Protection page for further Data Privacy information. 

Environmental Information Regulations - ( EIR )

The Environmental Information Regulations Act 2004 (EIR) enables all citizens to access information held by Bedford Borough Council, that relates specifically to the environmental matters.  Visit our Environmental Information Regulations page to find out about who to contact and how to raise a request


Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to ask in writing for any information held by any public authority.  The council already makes a large proportion of this information available through its website, but you can browse the council's Freedom of Information section for further information.


Transparency and Open Data

Bedford Borough Council is committed to providing open and transparent government.  You can easily find out how we have been spending local money, how we have been delivering services, who does what,  how much they are paid, and more, by viewing the Transparency section pages.


Your Privacy

Your data is treated confidentially and will be used only for the purpose or purposes for which you have provided it.   Furthermore, unless the Council are required to disclose it by law or are permitted to do so, your data will not be passed to any third parties or shared with other departments, for any other purposes unless you have indicated or have previously indicated that you have no objection to us doing so. 


Recording Online Use and Cookies

The Council has set out what information it will record in respect of visits to its website, what its approach is to any offensive, inappropriate, objectionable and/or unlawful information that its facilities and systems are used to transmit.  It also provides details on its use of cookies.  This details is available here.


Anti-Fraud Data Matching

The Council may use data it controls to support anti-fraud measures designed to protect public funds.  Details of these measures are set out at this link


Electoral Registration

The law provides for the Electoral Registration Officer to access records the Council controls in pursuant of his duties in law.  These duties are set out in the following statutes:

Representation of the People Act 1983 - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1983/2

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