Bedford Borough Council

Black History Month

Friday 8th October 2010


To commemorate Black History Month in Bedford for young people, the Integrated Youth Support Services (IYS) have come together to deliver a programme of events that will promote knowledge of Black History. The multi agency approach aims to encompass a wide variety of activities, information, advice, film nights, music events, art projects and much more.


Four hundred years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade left a terrible legacy on people of African descent. They were left without knowledge of their origins and lost their culture in the process. Dr Carter G Woodson from Virgina, USA founded Black history month in 1926 to educate people of African descent about their history.


The Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson said: “The Integrated Youth Support Service has done a fantastic job of planning a multitude of fun and educational events for all our young people during Black History Month. The events present an opportunity to learn more about important moments in history and celebrate many of the rich and diverse cultures that we have in Bedford today.”


For more information on the events taking place throughout October please call Rebecca Hall on 07794686382 or visit the ‘What’s On’ section at

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