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After 27 years of caring, one of Bedford Borough Council’s invaluable Home Manager’s, Linda Cornfoot, retired last month after proving much needed crucial hands on care to vulnerable adults.


Linda started her career in social care with Bedfordshire County Council in 1989 at Abbotsbury residential home a part-time night care assistant. She was attracted to care work as she had a young family and care work offered the opportunity to return to work and meet the needs of her growing family and childcare responsibilities.


Cllr Mohammad Yasin, Portfolio Holder for Adults’ Services at Bedford Borough Council, said: “There is no greater responsibility than looking after and caring for those around us who need our care and assistance. Linda has dedicated her time to this line of work and we would like to thank her and show our appreciation, we know she enjoyed a variety of her roles while managing the care home.”


As Linda’s children got older, she decided she would like to progress her career and applied for promotion to a Senior Care position at another Bedfordshire County Council care home in 1996. Shortly after the transfer of care homes to BUPA in 1998, Linda was promoted to the role of Deputy Manager at Highfield and became a Home Manager in 2000, firstly at Caddington Hall and then at Puttenhoe since 2007.


She enjoyed all of her roles and feels that working in social care has helped her make a positive difference to other people; not just the residents she has supported, but also their relatives and her staff.


Linda Cornfoot said: “Being able to see the difference you make to a person’s wellbeing and confidence has been my ultimate motivation. I particularly enjoyed supporting my team in terms of developing individual members of staff in achieving their potential. Social care is a level playing field where regardless of educational background and qualifications, if people want to learn and progress your career, then there are plenty of opportunities and you do so based on your ability.”


Through her career Linda attended many training opportunities to help her do her job, and she also gained professional qualifications, including NVQ, Assessor awards, Registered Managers Award, and a special memory for her is her graduation day from university where she had studied for her care management qualifications part time and supported by her employer.


Now in retirement, Linda will miss the residents and her staff, describing them as her second family, but she is very proud of what she has achieved in her career in social care and the reputation of the services and teams she has worked with for providing quality care and support to individuals.


Linda continued: “I would recommend working in social care to anyone who feels they can make a difference, no matter how small and regardless of their personal situation; as care work is team work and the contribution from a part-time care assistant is just as important to our residents as that of a home manager.”


Bedford Borough Council is a Registered Provider of a six care homes in Bedford.    


If you are interested in entering the caring profession, like Linda, and want to consider a rewarding career that makes a real difference to the lives of others, please contact Fleur Sharman on 01234 276609.

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