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Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Council Tax Reduction for Care Leavers

Please note that this consultation has now closed

The Council has a responsibility to help young people leaving its care to make the change to living independently.   These care leavers will face the challenge of managing their own finances for the first time, including their housing costs, without the family support many young people rely on to help them manage, such as help completing a Council Tax Support application form or help with the cost of Council Tax.  Therefore, it is proposed to introduce a Council Tax Reduction specifically for young people aged up to 25 years who have recently left the care of the Council.
It is proposed that;

1. No one will have to pay more Council Tax just because a young care leaver lives in their household;
2. Where the only adults resident at a property that are liable to pay Council Tax are young care leavers, the household will not have to pay anything;
3. Where other people are also liable to pay the Council Tax a pro-rata discount will be awarded (e.g. if there are two people liable to pay and one is a care leaver a 50% discount will be given)
For the purpose of the Council Tax Reduction it is proposed that a person will be considered to be a “young care leaver” up until 31 March following their 25th birthday.  It is proposed a young care leaver will be defined as a person who was in care for at least thirteen weeks from the age of 14 and who was still in care (looked after) at the ages of age 16 or 17, has an annual income of less than £50,000 and has less than £100,000 in capital.
1. Do you agree the Council should help young care leaver by awarding a special Council Tax discount?
2. Do you agree that help should be provided up to the age of 25 years?
3. Do you agree that a 100% discount should be given where the only people in a household that have to pay Council Tax are care leavers?
4. Do you agree that no one should pay more Council Tax just because a care leaver lives in their household?
5. Do you agree that a care leaver with a high income or significant capital should not receive a discount?

What Happens next?

This was considered at the Executive in January, click here to read the decision


Overall Council Tax Reduction Sheme

Please note that this consultation has now closed

The Council Tax Reduction scheme sets out how the council offers help with meeting the cost of Council Tax. The Council is proposing to make no changes to it's Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2018/19. We are consulting on this proposal and welcome your views.

What Happens Next?

Click here to read the decision made at the Executive in January

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