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Complaints and Other Feedback

Have you got something to say about the service you have received?

Your feedback is important to us, good or bad and we will use it to improve our services. 

You may wish to compliment or commend a service, suggest a better way of working or  tell us when you think things have gone wrong and require help to resolve your concerns.

Please note that if your complaint relates to the way your child has been treated at school we will not be able to deal with this. We recommend the following process: Contact the Head Teacher in the first instance, then the Chair of Governors and lastly the Secretary of State.

The Customer Relations Team is impartial and we are here to guide you throughout the process.
You can make a compliment, comment or complaint in any of the following ways:

Click this link to complete the online form

  • Telephone 01234 228597
  • Email be.heard@bedford.gov.uk
  • Text 07795 686459
  • Fax 01234 228772 
  • Write to: Customer Relations Team, Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP

The Council has four different complaints procedures, which are listed below with further information.

On receipt, your complaint will be assessed and will aim to send an acknowledgement letter to you within 3 working days which will include the following information:

  • How the Council proposes to handle your complaint
  • Who will respond to your complaint
  • A timescale by when you can expect a written response
  • Details of the appropriate complaints procedure
  • Advice on what you can do if you are not satisfied with your response

Corporate Complaints

Corporate Complaints & Feedback Procedure Leaflet

Corporate Complaints Procedure


The Adult Social Care Complaints

Adult Social Care Complaints & Feedback Leaflet 

Adult Social Care Complaints Procedure

Children’s Social Care Complaints

Childrens Social Care Complaints and Feedback Leaflet

Young People's Children's Social Care Complaints & Feedback Leaflet

Children's Social Care Complaints Procedure

Public Health Complaints

Comprehensive overview of Public Health Complaints Procedure

Other Documents

Unreasonable Complainants Procedure

Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

If you have been through all stages of our complaints procedure and are still unhappy, you can ask the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman to review your complaint.

The Ombudsman investigates complaints in a fair and independent way - it does not take sides. It is a free service.

The Ombudsman expects you to have given us chance to deal with your complaint, before you contact them. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable time, it may decide to look into your complaint anyway. This is usually up to 12 weeks but can be longer for social care complaints that follow a statutory process.

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is the final stage for complaints about councils and some other organisations providing local public services. It also investigates complaints about all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) for people who self-fund their care.

Website: www.lgo.org.uk

Telephone: 0300 061 0614

Text 'call back' to 0762 481 1595

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.00pm (except public holidays)

Further Information
We promise to be professional at all times. In return we ask that you treat our staff politely and with respect.

We understand that sometimes you may want to remain anonymous and we will respect this.  However, it may be difficult to respond to you or to fully investigate your complaint.

Please note that the personal details you supply will be held on file and/or computerised by Bedford Borough Council for the purposes of assessing your feedback. 


The Confidential Reporting Policy

The Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment we expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Council’s work to come forward and voice those concerns.


The Council has a Confidential Reporting Policy also known as a ‘whistleblowing policy'. This policy sets out how Council employees can raise any serious concerns that they have about any aspect of service provision, the conduct of officers, members of the Council or others acting on behalf of the Council.

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This section provides information on the different ways you can give a compliment, comment or complaint. We will provide an overview of the different complaints procedures and what you can expect to happen.


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