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Armed Forces - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the following frequently asked questions to assist the resettlement of Armed Forces personnel.


Who do I contact in the council to organise council tax?

Visit the Council Tax page 

Who do I contact about registering to vote?

Visit the How to register to vote page

How do I get myself and my family somewhere to live in the area?

Visit the Housing Advice page 

Once I find somewhere to live where is the best site that gives me all the information I need on primary, secondary high schools including what their catchment area is?

Search the School Admissions pages

Where do I go for information on getting employment in the area?

Visit the GOV.UK finding a job page

My wife is unemployed, where does she go for advice on all the allowances or benefits she is entitled to and information on gaining employment?

Visit the benefits page

How do I get myself and my children registered with a dentist?

Visit the NHS Choices how to find an NHS dentist page

How do I get myself and my family registered with a GP?

Visit the NHS Choices GP practice page

Is there any special provision, due to my service, for myself or my family to access mental wellbeing facilities to address a problem we are having?

Visit the GOV.UK - Support for war veterans page

Visit 2gether NHS Foundation Trust website

Explore the rest of our Armed Forced web pages for more local information.

My wife doesn't drive and I am going to be away a lot, where can I find information on local transport?

Visit the public transport section

Where do I go for information on pre-school childcare including childminders, nurseries and day centres?

Search the Childcare and Early Education pages

Where can I go for career personal development, more training or gaining qualifications locally?

Search the Business Training web pages

Search the Employment Support web pages

If I or a member of my family is disabled where do I go for advice on benefits, adaptations or special provisions that may be available to me, for example getting a blue badge or ramps to my property?

Visit the Advice and Benefits pages

I am a widow, how do I get in touch with someone who can help with information on things like my husbands war pension or who can help me with a problem I am having?

Visit the SSAFA website and the Royal British Legion website

I am an ex-serviceman/woman and need some help with an old injury or one which is degenerating - who can I go to for help?

Visit the GOV.UK - Support for war veterans page

I am an ex serviceman/woman who wants to put something back into the community - where should I go to offer my services?

Search the Do-it volunteering website

Where can I find business premises to buy or rent in the county?

Search the Property to Let and Property for Sale pages.

Where can I find help in starting my own business?

Visit the Start up Support pages


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