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Community Ranger Service

  • Low level anti-social behaviour
  • Help to build a sense of community
  • Ranger response service
  •  High visibility patrols in hot spot areas
  • Support local community safety
  •  Support local residents
  • Targeted environmental education
  •  Support community action
  • Environmental crime enforcement
  • Link communities and Council
  • Public realm improvements
  • Work with Parish Councils
  • Recruitment and organisation of volunteers


The new service will be Bedford Borough wide from April 1st 2012, with a focus on community safety and environment issues. Rangers will use their mediation skills to tackle a range of Anti-social Behaviour problems whether it be in our streets, residential / neighbour communal areas or parks. They will use their community skills and enforcement powers to tackle environmental crime such as littering, fly tipping and dog fouling. To increase awareness of the negative community impact that littering can have, Community Rangers will be delivering an awareness campaign called ‘Why would you?’ and a school education programme that will provide children and young people with information highlighting the importance of keeping our Borough clean.


A mobile Ranger Response service is available to tackle environment issues that require immediate attention to clean and make safe the public realm. This helps us to reduce health and safety risks in our communities and also makes people feel safer too. This service is often used in conjunction with community safety partners, Pride in Bedford Street Champion volunteers and anyone who wants to get involved.


Communities tell us from the community meetings we attend, that they worry about speeding vehicles, particularly in village locations. As a result, the Community Ranger service is fully trained to support delivery of Community Speed Watch which is operated at the roadside with volunteers educating drivers about their speed.


Contact Details:

James Wallbank   

01234 718457

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