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Schools Environment Roadshow

The Community Volunteering Team run an annual environmental theme roadshow with Lower Schools in Bedford Borough.

Each year the theme changes with lots of different activities run all designed to teach children about caring for the environment, recycling, litter and energy efficiency.


The first ever Environmental Roadshow took place in schools in June 2008.

In total Pride in Bedford visited 11 schools across the Borough to help deliver the Pride in Bedford message and encourage pupils to help take care of their local environment.
Every school got the chance to plant wildflowers in their school grounds and keep a special personalised folder which has details and photos of all the flowers planted for them to use in future lessons.

The next Roadshow took place in June 2009 and was an Eco Challenge- challenging schools to turn 'Mucky Town' into 'Tidy Town'.

Pride in Bedford visited 10 lower schools over two weeks.


June 2010 saw  the start of the Blooming Eco roadshow in the new and improved interactive environmental trailer. The roadshow visited 12 schools.


June 2011 was a brand new roadshow called  'The Mystery of the Abandoned Park Roadshow' . Pupils took on the roles of different members of the local community in their quest to solve the ‘environmental’ mystery. The Roadshow reflected elements of the Key Stage 1 & 2 Citizenship curriculum with cross references made to the Geography and English programmes of study.


May 2012's roadshow is entitled the 'Clean Street Challenge' - focussing on how to run a street audit and how we can look after our streets, introducing the new Junior Street Champion scheme.


In June/July 2013 the roadshow focussed on environmental crime. Pupils learnt about the dangers of littering and dog fouling, safe ways of dealing with the problem and acting out being an Environment Enforcement Officer!


Please note there will not be a roadshow in 2014.


Below left- the exhibition trailer and below right pupils enjoying one of the activities.



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