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2010 - Licensing Act 2003 Consultation

Under the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003, Bedford Borough Council has reviewed its Statement of Licensing Policy. This consultation has now closed.


The new statement of Licensing Policy was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 1 December 2010.  The report considered by the Council, including the comments received during the consultation, is available using the links at


The Authority's Statement 2008-2010 can be viewed here and is available at the Main Reception, Town Hall, St Pauls Square, Bedford.


The Authority's draft revised Statement can be viewed here and is available at the Main Reception, Town Hall, St Pauls Square, Bedford.

The Authority's revised Statement can be viewed here.  This is also available at the Main Reception, Town Hall, St Pauls Square, Bedford and will be operative from 7 January 2011.



It is not possible to detail all of the changes in the revised Statement in comparison to the previous Statement.  However, the draft does include proposals on the following policies:


  • For the Area of Concern that has been identified for Bedford Town Centre:


That “off licence” sales should not be taking place between the hours of midnight and 5.00am each day.

That the pricing of alcoholic drinks should be consistent during the hours of trading.

That the drinks pricing policy adopted locally in 2004 should be explicitly included in the Statement.


  • That the presumption should be that an individual named as designated premises supervisor  should  not hold that role in a second premises.


  • That those authorised to sell alcohol should normally have that authority in writing from the designated premises supervisor/personal licensee or appropriate body where the premises is the subject of a Club Premises Certificate or Community Premises exemption.


  • That a series of model conditions be adopted to assist in the development of operating schedules and in dialogue between applicants and responsible authorities.


  • That, in appropriate circumstances, safer alternatives to annealed glass should be used where these alternatives are provided.


  • Where CCTV is to be installed it should be fit for purpose (e.g. cover the public areas, have image quality whereby individuals can be recognised/identified and images should be stored for at least 31 days).

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