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Land Searches

Before completing a property transaction a Local Land Charges Search should be submitted to the Local Authority in whose area the land is situated. This page briefly explains the Local Land Charges Search process. It is always advisable to seek independent legal advice about buying a property, including the conduct of any land searches.

The Local Land Charges Search is normally submitted by either the purchaser's or the vendors’ solicitor. A lessee or mortgagee (lender) may also submit a search. Any member of the public can obtain one. In each case there is a fee for this.

Bedford Borough Council belongs to the Association of Local Land Charges Officers, (ALLCO) a member of the Local Land Charges Institute aiming to promote a quality service in this field for all.

We are able to email your search results as a pdf document if requested.

We can also accept your search forms and plans through e-mail.  Please ensure your e-mail address is entered on the application form.   The Land Charges team can take your Debit or Credit card payment online by telephone, contact the team at: LocalLandCharges@bedford.gov.uk

Who owns the land?

For any matters relating to Land/property boundaries or title plans and for information in respect of ownership, private covenants or restrictions on land, the office to contact is HM Land Registry.  Telephone: 0844 8921111

Bedford Borough Council Local Land Charges

The Local Land Charges Section is responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register and providing fast access to the information required to complete your official Local Authority Search.

The Local Land Charges Register holds information on any legal obligation, restrictions or prohibitions enforceable against the land or property, or a financial charge that is binding on successive owners and/or occupiers.

If you are considering purchasing land or property you will want as full a picture as possible of the site you are interested in. This can either be an official search conducted by the Local Land Charges Team, or by a private search company who visit the Council to do a personal search of public records and apply for information which is not in the public domain. The Council charge for register access and access to information. Please see below.

Full Local Authority Search

The standard search comprises a form LLC1 Certificate of Search and the CON29R Enquiries of Local Authority.

LLC1 – This is an Official Certificate to search the Local Land Charges Register.

CON29R – This is an Enquiries of Local Authorities Form, is a series of standard enquiries that deal with issues such as road, traffic schemes, planning history of the property and outstanding notices, infringement of building regulations and any pending notices, orders or proceedings.

CON29O – In addition to the standard enquiries, this form contains 19 optional (part II) enquiries that you may wish to ask, dealing with issues such as definitive public footpaths, pipelines, high hedge notices and registered common land, for which an additional fee is payable.

Any of these forms can be submitted together or separately.

NB: All replies given to local land charges searches will only apply to the land which is the subject of the search (LLC1) and which relate to the specific questions raised (CON29R/O). See How to request a search and fees.

How to Apply for a Search Electronically

The National Land Information Service (NLIS) provides an on‐line one‐stop shop for all land and property related information in England and Wales.

Bedford Borough Council is electronically connected to NLIS, you can both send and receive searches electronically.

For more information visit the NLIS website. Or go to one of the following NLIS channels to order your searches:‐


Telephone ‐ 0870 787 7625


Thames Water

GlobalX Information Services

Please note these are commercial channels and as such Bedford Borough Council is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Other types of searches

Other authorities can conduct searches on a property or parcel of land. Their contact details are provided below to help you, because these searches are not part of the official Local Land Charges Search.

Drainage Anglian Water (through Geodesys Ltd) Tel: 01480 323889
Web: http://www.geodesys.com/

How to request a search

There are full instructions on the Local Land Charge Search forms. Your solicitor will have these forms or you can buy them from law stationers.

LLC1 and CON29R forms in duplicate are required to be submitted at the same time if answers to both are required.

Please note that searches must include the following when submitted to be accepted for processing:

  • The correct fee (please see Land charges fees).
  • If a search is submitted by a solicitor, cheques drawn on the solicitor's client account are requested, made out with the correct amount to Bedford Borough Council. Clients own cheques are not accepted as a method of payment.
  • The correct address quoted together with an up to date scale plan in triplicate showing the extent and location of the land subject of search, clearly edged in red.

Personal Search

Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register can be made by visiting the Council Offices at Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP.

Appointments are available from Monday to Friday, 10am ‐12pm and 2pm‐ 3.30pm. These should be booked by telephone with the Local Land Charges Team 24 hours in advance. Tel 01234 276389/276391

A full address and location plan must be provided at the time of booking.

Plans can be emailed to: LocalLandCharges@bedford.gov.uk

NB: This is not a full search and may be considered inadequate by a lender or purchaser. The Council cannot guarantee the information contained in a personal search, which is compiled by private individual’s solicitors or agents, and not by Council staff.

Access to information

Please Note: some prices may be reviewed in the near future.

To comply with Government Guidance issued in January 2008 this Council is committed to provide access to information held at the Council and all unrefined data required to complete Con29R Enquiries.

Some information is publicly available free of charge via the website http://www.bedford.gov.uk/ However, when there is a need to research the Council records to provide the data, there will be a charge to cover administration costs.

Highways Information ‐ contact Highway Department at Bedford Borough Council ‐ 01234 228764 or 01234 276386

In addition to the highway responses provided on CON29R, the Highways Development Control team is also responsible for providing answers to highway questions on personal searches.
Fees from 1 January 2015:
For simply the status and extent of the highway in relation to a single property, the charge is £45.00 (£37.50 + VAT).

For status and extent of the highway in relation to a single property plus additional questions regarding road schemes, improvements and developments etc within 200m of the property, the charge is £83.50 (£69.58 + VAT)

For the status and extent of the highway in relation to a large plot of land plus additional questions including CON29 questions regarding road schemes, improvements and developments etc within 200m of the land, the charge is £90.00 (£5.00 + VAT) for up to 150m of road, plus £25.70 (£21.42 + VAT) for every subsequent 150m.

Please request this information in writing to Highways Development Control, Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Bedford, MK42 9AP. The Council will issue an invoice once we have responded to your enquiry

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Information is available from Environmental Health Department ‐ Tel 01234 718527

The Charge is £10.00 for standard Con29R information including;

3.7 Outstanding Notices

3.11 Compulsory Purchase

3.12 Contaminated Land

3.13 Radon Gas

If the time spent is more involved there will be a charge of £78.73ph or part thereof.

In that case the cost will be advised in advance. Please request the information in writing by letter or email.

Building Control Information

Building Control Information is available from Building Control Department Tel: 01234 718081

1.1 Building Regulations

3.7 Outstanding Notices

3.8 Contravention of Building Regulations

Fees from 1st January 2015:

For Private Searches the charge is £7.40 (£6.17 + VAT)

For all copy documentation i.e Approvals, Completion Certificates etc the charge is £13.00 (£10.83 + VAT).

Planning Decisions and applications

1.1 Planning Decisions and Applications

1.2 Planning Designations and Proposals

3.9 Notices, Orders, Directions and Proceedings under Planning Acts – information available from Planning Department

3.10 Conservation Area – available from Planning Department Public access to planning history and documentation is available remotely on the Council's website

http://www.bedford.gov.uk/planningsupport or at the Customer Service Centre, 2 Horne Lane, Bedford, MK40 1RA. If you are unable to locate copies of planning documents or information on our website send an e‐mail to planning@bedford.gov.uk for further direction and assistance. (Please Note: The Planning Department do not conduct History Searches).

Viewing Section 106 Agreements and Compliance Requests


All S106 Agreements are available online stored with the Planning Decision Notice by the APPLICATION NUMBER. These number(s) are in the following format e.g. 16/01234/FUL or B/TP/73/01234, click here for more guidance. Do not use any other reference or date as you will not find the documents online. You must provide the number(s) in order to request a compliance check. If planning numbers have not been identified please go back to the Search Company who provided the information or refer to ‘How To Guide’ 4. If you already have the planning application number(s) and wish to view and download Decision Notices and S106 agreements from 1948 to date please refer to ‘How To Guide’ 1 or for Former County Council Decisions and S106 agreements please click here, guidance is provided on this page.

Land Charges at Bedford Borough Council can provide a search (subject to a fee) by contacting locallandcharges@bedford.gov.uk


·         For S106 compliance requests the fee is £95.00 including VAT:

·         Please complete the eform and pay online.

Cancelling a search

We regret that we cannot cancel searches once entered on the computer as work will have already commenced.

We aim to respond to standard search requests within 10 working days.  If your response is outside of this timeframe please get in touch.

Land Charges fees

HMRC have decided that CON29R and CON29O products submitted to the Local Authority are considered to be refined data and thus are therefore subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20% effective from 1 April 2017.  Bedford Borough Council therefore have developed a revised matrix of fees to accommodate this change.  Fees will be based on searches received for Residential properties and searches received for Commercial Properties. The statutory LLC1 Official Certificate of Search is unaffected by this change.

Please click here to view the new charging schedule.

Method of Payment

If submitted by Solicitor, cheques drawn on the Solicitor’s client account are  requested, made payable to Bedford Borough Council. Clients own cheques are not accepted as a method of payment.

Payment can also be made by cash, debit/credit card or online payment via phone.

If you wish to pay by card please call the Local Land Charges during office hours on 01234 276389/276391, where a member of staff will assist in  processing online payment

Contact us

Local Land Charges Section,
Bedford Borough Council,
Borough Hall,
Cauldwell Street,
MK42 9AP.
Telephone No: 01234 276391/276389.
DX 117105 – Bedford 4.

Alternatively you may wish to visit our website at http://www.bedford.gov.uk/
We are open during the hours of 8.45 am to 5.15 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 8.45 to 4.45 p.m. on Friday

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