Accelerating Bedford - Part of the Central Superfast Project*

Fairer and Faster Broadband across Bedford Borough

Bedford Borough has relatively good access to superfast broadband (nearly 80% of premises) but the Council recognises the problems of the 20% without that fast access and is undertaking a project to increase superfast access to 90% and to ensure a minimum of 2Mbps for all premises. The Council is also working on a Superfast Extension Programme project to increase superfast access to above 95% of premises.





  • Sign up for faster broadband to help make it happen.  Nearly 2,000 already have, but the more who do the better the outcome.


  • Become a Digital Champion Help a member of your family, a friend, neighbour or other contact to get online and use the internet more.


  • Find out more about broadband using the 'Related Links' (on the right hand side of this web page)


* This is a joint project with Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Councils delivering improvements in their areas too.

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